Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Documented Evidence

Taking into account the proverb: "Actions speak louder than words", dedicated and enthusiastic Circassians who were devoted to extend the blessed efforts for the very existence, survival and savior of their Circassian nation with dignity, respect and pride,

Documents 401 - 421

In18, December, 1893. - Report of the “Head of the District for Mountaineer Population Affairs”,

Documents 351 - 400

Adoption of the courts and its function With the start of recently formed administrations’ function with its new composition,

Documents 301 - 350

21, June, 1864 – The report of the Representative of the Special Tasks of the Commander-in-Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Batiyanov,

Documents 251 - 300

19, March, 1864 The message of Chief of General Staff of the Caucasus Army, Major General Kartsova regarding the allotment of 100 thousand rubles at the disposal of the Commander of the Caucasus for disbursement in aid to the deportees.

Documents 201 - 251

4 May 1863 – A letter to the Assistant Commander of the Natukhayski District F. G. Kreganovski on the stopping of transferring the Mountaineer population to turkey

Documents 151 - 200

12, July, 1861 – Reply of Commander in Chief of the Caucasus Army to the Minister of War to allow "some Mountaineer tribes" to leave to Turkey.

Documents 101 - 150

November 22, 1851
A Letter from the commander of forces Zavadovski to Lieutenant General Rashpilya on the acceptance of the Shabsough Oath.

Documents 51 - 100

742 from Baron Rosen to Chirinechev, from January 29, 1837 No. 98 page 866.

Documents 1 - 50

2 February 1645
General Richter’s mission against the Temryuks, destroying Temryuk and Hadji Effendi Villages